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Expose your community athletes to collegiate — and possibly pro — interest. The “Best of Your Town, USA” offers athletes unique competitions, skills showcases and sporting combines in baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse and other sports, and highlights the traditions and pride of your community.

Our founders have over 50 years of combined experience in high school, collegiate and professional level sports and over 5,000 athletes have participated in our combines and showcases. Our team will show you how to profit through sound business practices and provide you with the tools for success.

  • Increase revenue with a proven and unique format (combine, skills showcase and competition)
  • Become a partner and ”leader” in a nationwide showcase series!
  • Compliment to your existing business!
  • Follow the Best of Our Town Playbook for easy roll-out!
  • Support your high school athletes through exciting showcase series!
  • Gain prominence and visibility in your town!

Notable tools to offer each Town and Market Owner

Minimal entrance fee –the Company’s $5,000 initial entrance fee is well below the capital typically required to start, or become a franchisee in a new business;
Equipment package – the starter package — included with the initial fee — provides cones, hurdles, medicine balls and other equipment necessary to conduct an event;

Playbook & event planning – detailed checklists for each event/sport and step-by-step guides on how to conduct an event and a sample P&L are provided;

Marketing plan & sponsorship guide – a year-round calendar, marketing templates and tips for securing local sponsors and in-kind support are included;

Online video tutorials – training videos on how to conduct athletic performance testing are supplied;
Logo and website –a professionally designed logo and interactive website is in kjplace;

Online registration – customized online registration reduces administrative tasks and provides reporting and an online retail option;

Mobile app – innovative app to conduct/capture testing results (i.e. 40-yd dash), video tutorials for participants, and provide RSS feeds with local sports news is available;

Strategic partnerships & agreements – pre-negotiated agreements have been made with:

  • Perform Better to provide discounted equipment,
  • Fairway Underwriters to provide comprehensive, low-cost liability insurance, and apparel and beverages/nutritional item providers.